Consulting and project work

Contact us to discuss how investing in a few days of advice could unlock huge value for your business. Alternately, suggest a report, deliverable, research project or design that can be scoped and quoted for delivery in an agreed timeframe.


Data Engineering

Need to connect data or systems? Maybe some are on-prem and others are cloud or SaaS? Maybe you have some integration but you’re sick of hearing that some job failed so you can’t run the report you need.

AI and machine learning

Whether it’s the new generation of large language models or a project to train a predictive model from structured data, Apex Arcana can assist in advice, design and implementation.

Research Consulting

If you’re working on new features or capabilities you might have an unacceptable level of uncertainty around delivery or likelihood of success. Bring in a lateral thinker with a track record of seeing the critical flaws and identifying elegant solutions.

Vector/semantic similarity

Emerging tools now offer compelling similarity which can scale to massive datasets including documents, speech, video and images.

Solution Design and Architecture

Before committing to a new system or service, get an experienced professional to map out how things should fit together and identify any problem areas. Getting someone independent of cloud platforms and big platform providers could save you a lot down the track.