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Apex Arcana Pty. Ltd. Connecting humans with technical solutions.

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ABN 13 666 541 199

We love scale, complexity and the impossible

Whether you need a full solution or just a hand with some small part of an existing solution, don’t settle for something that doesn’t quite work right. If it’s slow then users will hate it. If it’s out of date then the decisions people make are based on bad data. Most importantly, if something is unreliable or fails to meet your regulatory requirements then stop ignoring the problem.


Best practice is a great starting point. We want to be cloud first, zero support cost, serverless, zero code, unhackable, easy to use etc. The problem is that these objectives are often in tension with each other. We pride ourselves on being able to explain trade-offs and make suggestions that are likely to fit your key objectives.


Apex Arcana is built around the goal of providing platform, cloud and vendor agnostic advice. By integrating best of breed components into a well considered solution, a true win-win can be achieved.

Deep knowledge

From old school on-prem Windows and Linux systems through to cloud services, relational databases to NoSQL, graph and probabilistic search; the IT landscape has grown in many directions and many organisations either have legacy systems that need to integrate or have embraced bleeding edge solutions that introduce novel challenges. If you need someone who really knows their stuff then get in touch.

Evidence based advice

The best decisions are based on a combination of evaluating the data and deciding when to confirm theoretical expectations. If you need to conduct a research spike to de-risk a project or feature consider Apex Arcana either in scoping the work or fully outsourcing it. Setting up a test and exploring the real behaviour of complex systems is sometimes the best way to minimise costly and embarrassing failures which so often come near the end of complex data and IT stretegic implementations.